En vit ekorre is a brand name which stands for recycling and remaking vintage fabrics, old clothes and any material, old or even new, that can be used for producing clothes, jewels and home accessories, such as plastic, pin needles, lace, buttons, small objects etc. found in closets, old houses and in flea markets in Athens, Stockholm and Berlin.

The concept behind this approach is that fashion and ecology can mix. For example an old couch pillow can easily be transformed into a stylish and modern pair of earrings, a bag or a coaster for your coffee-table.

Why remake old fabrics?


Remaking clothes and any kind of old material is certainly one way of acting ecologically. For example by reusing an old pair of jeans one can help to reduce the environmental unfriendly manufacture of new ones.

Not to mention the huge amounts of old polyester clothes in thrift shops, that no one wears anymore because it is considered to be unhealthy.

Especially those from the '70s can be perfectly remade into colorful bags or other accessories.


By recycling and remaking old materials one can produce unique, individualized pieces.